El Salvador Café La Reina


Grown along the Guatemalan border, in the Apaneca-Ilamatepec Mountain Range, café la reina is a strictly high grown, strictly hard bean, gourmet Arabica EP. We at Mills, had the privilege of visiting these great farms at the end of the 2012 harvest. Guillermo is a hard working, inspirational man whose grandfather is said to have brought the first coffee plant from Colombia to El Salvador. He is humble, dedicated, knowledgeable, and very passionate about coffee. Guillermo is the guy you want to think of when you envision a beneficio. He is involved in every aspect of the growing and production process. He is at the farm each day with his loyal companions, Jack and Lea, following the beans from planting to harvest and then through processing to ensure the beans retain their superior quality and integrity. Maintaining a quality farm is a constant effort and it is totally worth it — this coffee is amazing! Medium roasted with good body, incredible aroma, and a lively, creamy nut /honey base that finishes with a crisp hint of fresh mango.

Cafe La Reina is available in whole bean / ground, and single serve options.
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