Ethiopian Yirgacheffe


According to legend, coffee was first discovered in Ethiopia by a sleepy goat herder named Khaldi. Khaldi struggled to stay awake at night while watching his goats. In the mist of his nightly struggle, he noticed an interesting correlation — compared to goats that did not, goats that nibbled on the red berries of a small tree had significantly more energy right after eating them. Curious, Khaldi gave them a try and soon found that if he nibbled on those same little red berries, his struggle was over and he could effortlessly stay awake throughout the night to watch his herd. Centuries later, Khaldi’s berries, along with many other extraordinary African Arabicas are universally regarded as some of finest coffees in the world. Our Yirgacheffe is roasted to a medium shade to allow the range of the bean’s natural flavors to emerge. Dominant tones are honey, tangerine, and dried apricot with hints of cinnamon and elderflowers. In the cup, there is good balance: good body, good acidity without sharpness, and richness without heaviness. To learn more about Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, check out this blog entry.

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe is offered in whole bean / ground options.
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