Princesa Janca – Panama Boquete


These extraordinary beans are grown high, under giant shade trees,on a Panamanian highland farm called Finca Arco Iris in Boquete Valley. Finca Arco Iris is a pristine family-owned farm. The farm is owned by Mireya, the Moscoso family’s Matriarch and first woman President of Panama, serving from 1999 2004. Mireya was married to the Finca Arco’s founder and 3-time Panama President, Dr. Arnulfo Arias.

Finca Arco Iris’s growing conditions are near perfect with coffee plants grown at ~5,000 feet above sea level, in an optimally moist temperature range of 65-70 degrees. To show his respect for the natives, Dr. Arias named his coffee after an indigenous, legendary princess, Princesa Janca. Princesa Janca coffee is impeccably processed with virtually no defects. Extraordinarily clean and refined, Princesa Janca is roasted to a dark full city shade that allows the beans’ light citrus tones to emerge at first sip. Next comes a rich currant tone that leads you to a dense chocolate finish. Princesa Janca creates a perfectly balanced cup, one that should be sipped and savored — never gulped! Our green coffee samples arrived in a bag labeled muestro d oro , morsels of gold . . . and after the first roast, we found this a humble description. To learn more about Princesa Janca, including customer reviews, check out our blog entry.

Princesa Janca is available in whole bean / ground and single serve options.


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