Zaire Kivu


Coffee enthusiasts, don’t wait to act on this extraordinary brew! Zaire’s Lake Kivu region is near perfect for coffee growing. Nestled high in the mountains, surrounded by active volcanos and Africa’s Great Rift Valley, Lake Kivu produces coffee that could rival even the best Kenyan. Once a burgeoning coffee center, Zaire’s coffee farms and production suffered greatly during and after the civil war. During this tumultuous era, many farmers abandoned their farms for either safety, production, or access reasons. For those who continued to farm, their only option for selling coffee on the international market was to take a dangerous night journey, by boat, across Lake Kivu and smuggle their harvest into Rwanda. Thankfully, in recent years, co-operatives emerged in Zaire and successfully revived the region’s coffee production. We are very pleased to offer this stunning Zaire Kivu. With its extraordinary richness and deep chocolate and vanilla tones, you’ll be sure to love every drop! To learn more about this stunning coffee, check out our blog entry.

Zaire Kivu is available in whole bean / ground options.


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