Sumatra Woolly Rhino


Woolly Rhino is shade grown in Sumatra’s Lake Tawar and Lake Toba provinces, at elevations of 4,500 to 5,600 feet above sea level. Naturally grown on small family farms, this coffee is not only exceptional in quality but also in purpose. Named after the now-extinct woolly rhino, this coffee hopes to raise global awareness of the Sumatran rhino crisis while paying keepers of its natural habitat, the coffee farmers, premium prices so that they can afford not to allow poachers and commercial developers onto their land. Roasted to a light Vienna shade, Woolly Rhino coffee has a heavy mouthfeel with crisp, clean, gentle notes of blackened plum and raw sugar. This is an extraordinary coffee sure to enchant those who enjoy a rich, smooth, clean cup! To learn more about Woolly Rhino, check out our blog entry.

Sumatra Woolly Rhino is available in whole bean / ground options.


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