El Salvador Millenium


Grown on a micro-lot high in the Apaneca-Illamatepec Mountain Range (5,000K+ feet above sea level), Ahuachapan, El Salvador, this lovely, aromatic brew is coffee perfection.  Grown and processed on the same micro-lot, controlled by the same farmer, Millenium is extraordinarily consistent and meticulous cared for from first seed through processing.  It only takes one sip for you to realize you’re handling the work of a perfectionist! His attention to every detail, coupled with ideal growing conditions creates a bright, balanced, brilliantly aromatic brew.  Millenium is roasted to a light full city shade that allows the delicate, lively citrus and berry flavors to dominate. As the cup develops, gentle wood notes emerge in the undertone.  El Salvador Millenium is Rainforest Alliance Certified, CAFÉ Practices Certified and 4C Certified. These wonderful beans represent the best of Central American coffee.

El Salvador Millenium is available in whole bean / ground options.
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