Java Siliwangi


Java Siliwangi hails from small family farms in western Java, an Indonesian Island. In Java, coffee is more than just a commodity, it is a symbol of community and openness and a physical expression of hospitality. This particular Java is named after King Siliwangi, a lauded King of the Hindu Sunda Kingdom. Beloved by the Sudanese people, King Siliwangi’s reign was one of greatness, prosperity, and transcendence. Today, King Siliwangi’s essence of greatness and goodness live on through Java’s oral storytelling tradition and through representatives worthy of the name, in this case, our Java Siliwangi coffee. Naturally grown and harvested, Java Siliwangi is an old typica varietal that we’ve roasted to a rich Vienna shade. Velvety smooth, Java Siliwangi opens with delicate, subtle berry notes supported by a rich molasses base and crisp blackberry close. This is a moderate acidity, medium bodied coffee with a heavenly aroma. Enjoy!

Java Siliwangi is available in whole bean / ground options.
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