Mexican Huatusco


Founded by Italian immigrants, Huatusco is a lovely, popular destination for locals and tourists alike. Nestled high in the Veracruz mountains, Huatusco’s climate is ideal for growing coffee. Most farms in Hautusco are small, family run farms that only grow coffee – so you can be assured that they take great care in the harvest and processing of their beans. While only a stone’s throw from Mexico City, most of Hautusco’s farmers are indigenous, speak their own dialect, and employee a processing technique called European-processed. European-processed coffee is a laborious sorting technique whereby all beans are size-sorted by hand rather than by a screen. It’s painstaking work but ensures an exceptionally clean, high-quality, even roast. Our Huatusco is roasted to a medium shade that allows the beans’ honey-like texture  and brilliant, lively berry tones to shine. The cup also boasts a creamy body, heavenly aroma, and magnificently clean and crisp close.

Mexican Huatusco is available in whole bean / ground options.
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