Tanzania Peaberry


Tanzania is located on Central Africa s eastern shores, south of Kenya and north of Mozambique. Most of Tanzania s coffee grows on Mount Kilimanjaro’s rich slopes, protected from the harsh sun by banana and old-growth trees. Like her northern neighbor, Tanzania produces stunningly bright, clean, complex beans; unlike Kenya, Tanzania is best known in the US for their peaberries. Peaberries, often known as caracoli, generally constitute 5% of all beans and must be hand separated from non-peaberries during the sorting process. Peaberries are distinguished by being a single, rather than a double-bean coffee cherry. This solo existence allows the peaberry to develop into round ovals, rather than the flat domed beans we traditionally associate with coffee. The fullness of the oval shape creates a bean with a softer, lighter body and higher acidity than most Africans. Our peaberry is medium roasted to encourage the bean’s gentle, sweet richness to dominate. The cup starts with a butterscotch sweetness and gives way to a melon-like close. This is a treat for African coffees lovers looking for something sweeter and milder than a Kenyan or Ethiopian. To learn more about this delicious coffee, click here.

Tanzania Peaberry is available in whole bean / ground options.
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