Elephant Park Coffee


Elephant Nature Park (ENP) coffee is grown and processed in Khun Yuam District, northern Thailand, by Karen Hill Tribe Farmers. ENP is an elephant refuge and rehabilitation sanctuary located in Thailand’s old growth forests. Since it’s founding in the late 1990s, ENP has grown to be an international leader in animal welfare, reforestation, and community partnership. Its latest mission is to help preserve the forest surrounding the park by allowing the forest to be profitable by being left alone. As part of their conservation efforts, ENP supplies local tribes with their initial coffee plants, coffee education, and long-term management plans. A single coffee tree can produce for up to 70-years, making this a long-term conservation strategy. Grown 4,900 feet above sea level, under a natural canopy of lychee and old growth trees, our ENP coffee is roasted to a rich full-city / Vienna shade to highlight the bean’s wonderfully smooth dark chocolate sweetness, vibrant spice notes, and surprisingly clean, sweet citrus close. The Karen Hill Tribe Farmers, most of whom are women, receive an above-market rate for their beans and all profits from the ENP coffee sales go directly back to the park. To read more about ENP, visit our blog.

Elephant Park Coffee is available in whole bean / ground options.
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